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Created in 2013, the PUGA IP law firm is specialized in the protection of intellectual property and intangible assets of Chilean and foreign companies and individuals as well as any innovations in those assets.

Juan Enrique Puga is the leader of this skilled team. In his 30 years of experience, he has excelled in the areas of intellectual property, the protection of intangible assets and businesses, and of the value of trademarks, inventions, designs, artistic and literary works, architectural designs, engineering projects, computer programs and the like.

The firm was founded with the goal of satisfying the needs of its clients in line with technology breakthroughs, innovations and the importance that intellectual property has gained in recent years in Chile.

Backed by a significant professional specialization and quick turnaround supported by the latest technologies available, we bring knowledge and solutions to our clients.

Juan Enrique Puga has developed an extensive and successful career linked to intellectual property in general, the protection of intangible assets of companies and individuals frim all parts of the world.

They take maximum advantage of the state of the art and put their expertise at the disposal of their clients in the aim of finding and implementing the best all-around solutions. they know that promoting the culture of identifying, strategically deploying and protecting intangible assets is essential to a better positioning on the market.

That experience, expertise and the motivation to always find the best solution for their clients has culminated in PUGA IP, a new, independent, service platform for the management of intangible and other intellectual property assets.

OSCAR RODRÍGUEZ es un abogado con más de 10 años de experiencia en materias relativas a la propiedad intelectual, especialmente derecho de autor y conexos, marcas, patentes, nombres de dominio, nuevas tecnologías, derecho del consumo, responsabilidad civil y litigios.

Formado como abogado, en la Universidad Santo Tomás, ha cursado múltiples cursos de especialización, tales como postítulo en Derecho de Consumo en la Universidad Chile, postítulo en Nuevas Tendencias de Contratos y Daños en la Pontificia Universidad Católica de Chile, diplomado en Propiedad Intelectual e Industrial en la Universidad Finis Terrae, diplomado sobre Reforma al Derecho del Trabajo en la Universidad Alberto Hurtado y cursa actualmente el Magíster en Derecho Privado de la Universidad Central.
Es miembro del Colegio de Abogados de Chile A.G.

Departamento Jurídico

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Administración y clientes

Marcas y derechos de autor

Trademarks and Copyrights

  • Trademarks

    The signs used in trade to distinguish products, services and establishments that we prefer are the most valuable assets of the businesses and individuals offering, advertising and selling those products and services. New types of trademarks are appearing every day–scent, touch and auditory–that need protection and monitoring in Chile and abroad, the thrust of PUGA IP’s services.

  • Copyrights

    Artistic and literary works, architectural designs, works of art, engineering projects and computer software are some of the assets that earn a profit for their creators. However, if they are not appropriately protected, the risk is run that any profitability will turn to dust.


Patents and Designs:

Innovation is the foundation of human development.  International and local regulations reward inventors or developers of novel and useful products or procedures and designers of items with a new appearance.  They are granted a monopolistic right of exclusivity to exploit those creations commercially on the market.

PUGA IP provides integral assistance in the processing, protection and management of invention patents, utility models, industrial designs and drawings, including the drafting and negotiation of all types of related contracts.


Other Intangibles

Geographical indications and Designations of Origin protect products that originate in a certain country or region, provided they have a quality, reputation or other characteristics that can be attributed to their geographic origin.

Thanks to our experience in these matters, we are trained to provide wide-ranging assistance to our clients, from preparing the respective application to taking legal actions because of potential infringements.

The protection of Industrial Property rights is usually limited in time, but there are intangible assets of companies, such as cumulative experience and technical skills, which can be protected indefinitely as a “Trade Secret”, provided all physical and legal measures necessary are adopted to maintain the confidentiality of that information, such as making contracts or agreements with anyone who has access to the particular trade secret.


General Services

PUGA IP has a skilled team with long experience and a broad network of correspondents dedicated to intellectual property.  Those qualifications mean that they are able to provide services and protect the intangible assets of clients in the main world markets and of foreigners in Chile.

Negotiations, contracts, transfers of technology and other assets are part of our usual activities and we are proud to offer innovative, quick and effective solutions.

Years of experience are our guarantee of a high standard of service at competitive prices.


Each time an intellectual property asset is created, such as a trademark, invention, artistic work or other intangible asset, we see a risk that the rights of the owner or creator to those assets might be seriously harmed if violated by reproduction or piracy.

That is why we offer protection during the different stages of asset development, ranging from registration to extrajudicial, judicial and administrative actions that guarantee a shield for this capital.



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